March 28, 2021

5 Things to Keep Handy with You for Dealing with Unexpected Breakdowns

There are chances that despite all the care & service, you might face a vehicle breakdown. When stuck in such a quandary, the first thing to have about are your Wits! You need to be calm in such situations in order to navigate the best possible solution.

The best process to deal with an unexpected breakdown is to take a few minutes to compose yourself, get your car out of the flow of traffic and then call for assistance using a towing app or a reliable recovery service provider. Once you are safe, check your car for the following things:

1. Reflectors & Flares: If your vehicle breaks down on a road with frequent traffic, it is a good idea to palace reflectors on your car, making it easier to spot you. This is extremely useful if you are stalled at night-time. If you are near a strange or forested area, it is useful to keep a flare handy to increase chances of visibility and ward off wild animals.

2. Flashlight & Jumper Cables: One of the most common reasons for your vehicle breaking down can be a flat tyre or a dead battery. Every driver must know how to change a flat and jump start their car. Having a flashlight can is a must to change a tyre at night or signal for help. Jumper cables help revive a dead battery. Ensure that you carry extra batteries for your flashlight for safety.

3. First Aid Kit: You should always have an emergency first aid kit in the car. Some breakdowns can be nasty and you or someone else in the vehicle might get hurt. Having the first aid kit makes you self-reliant enough to deal with minor bruises and injuries, while you wait for help to arrive.

4. Keep yourself hydrated: If you’re stuck in a car breakdown, make sure that you find a way to keep yourself hydrated. It is always better to carry water and little snacks while using remote roads while travelling. Exhaustion and Irritation can make you nervous and influence your decisions. Additionally, always keep an extra jacket and/or a blanket in the car,

5. Contact Details of a Towing Company: A reliable towing company which provides comprehensive roadside assistance is a must-have in today’s world. Towing companies are adept at dealing with any and all kinds of vehicle troubles and calling them is a way to keep yourself & your car safe. With towing apps like Towr, you can get avail assistance 24×7 and rest assured that help is on the way!

Unexpected mishaps can happen anytime, anywhere. With Towr, you get back on the road-safe & sound- in no time!