Optimizing the Inefficient, Revolutionizing the Industry

Towing services with touch of a button.

The Thought

The towing market in the UAE has been a highly inefficient one. Lack of a dedicated solution, a platform that can help enhance the efficiency in the demand and supply, is the gap that Towr is striving to bridge.

UAE has witnessed a very rapid infrastructural advancement in the recent years and a high pace of development often calls for a more optimized solution. It was learnt that this industry desires a more holistic and convenient solution that is aimed at polishing the vehicle transportation experience.

The Evolution

The stepping stones were laid in the early months of 2019. After spending 3 years in studying the challenges and the target groups that were to be catered, Towr came into being in March of 2020.
Towr, an autonomous and seamlessly structured mobile application. It serves as a platform for its users ranging from regular vehicle owners, corporates and SMEs and Ecommerce platforms. Towr is used by businesses such as Recovery Service providers, Roadside Assistance firms and Logistic Solutions providers.

The Journey so far…

About a year since its inception, Towr has amassed a user base of about 12,000+ Individual users, 450+ Corporates and a fleet of 500+ Driver partners to cater the volumes and this is just the beginning. Towr has a riveted focus and is absolutely aligned with its goals. We are certain to have a fleet of 5,000+ driver partners catering to about 2,00,000 Individual users and 2,000+ corporates by the end of 2023.

Fundamental reflection

Our Mission is to offer a viable and holistic solution that is efficient in terms of time and energy and simultaneously improves infrastructure while promoting accessibility to users.
Our Vision is to be a one-stop towing platform for residents in the United Arab Emirates that enables convenience, rapidity, and simplicity when it comes to transporting your automobile within the Emirates.