August 26, 2022

Leasing Programs for Trucks

What is Towr?

Towr is an autonomous and seamlessly structured mobile application. It acts as a platform for a variety of users, including common vehicle owners, corporations, and SMEs, to name a few. Towr offers car recovery in Dubai and has numerous car tow trucks that are deployed depending on the client’s need. 

Their goal is to make the recovery and transport vehicle services in the UAE simple to use. Towr intends to achieve this by utilizing cutting-edge technology and always seeking out user feedback. Quality service is a top priority in all we do, and we take great satisfaction in being a business that has received fantastic evaluations and thrives on customer referrals.

Why Should You Choose Leasing Program by Towr? 

Towr aims to offer the utmost convenience to its esteemed clients. Our leasing program is meant to offer added value by giving flexibility & variety of packages to those opting for leasing services. From live tracking technology to scheduling ability & order management. Towr provides complete control to its clients through a unified platform.


Towr gives flexibility in terms of switching the driver or towing the vehicle upon request at any point during the arrangement. If a different driving style or skill set is required, or if the customer wants a more qualified or experienced driver to do the job, the tow truck operator may be changed.

Hybrid Packages

In addition to flexibility, its platform enables clients to create a customized package that includes daily leasing, monthly leasing, and on-demand requests. By choosing Towr, you can get all your requests completed quickly and efficiently in many different ways with the click of a button.

Cutting-edge technologies

With Towr, customers can track, monitor, and maintain their inventory as well as stay up to date on corporate regulations and management procedures. They employ state-of-the-art technology to give their clients high-quality services at a reasonable cost.

Dedicated Account Manager

Towr offers an account manager add-on, who will handle all logistical and operations requirements on your behalf. Their account manager handles everything from exporting and handing over detailed transaction reports when required, to coordinating all refuels with the drivers to mention but a few.

An Insight into Towr’s Technology Features

Live tracking

Towr offers the option of live tracking so our clients have the ability to monitor the progress throughout the journey. This shows our commitment to being as transparent as we can about our services. On top of that, our corporate clients have the option to even share the live tracking link with their clients with the shared live tracking feature. This feature helps our corporate clients add greater value & increase customer satisfaction. 

Automated Allocation

The Towr app is made to assign service providers to trips effectively by assessing a number of factors. Through this, the service provider not only manages their time more effectively and uses less gasoline, but also responds to consumer requests more quickly. Additionally, it ensures that there are no unforeseen delays and helps them stay on schedule. The app includes a lot of helpful features, such as automatic mileage reporting delete and real-time GPS tracking that let users know exactly where their servicemen are at all times.

Scheduling trips

The ability to schedule trips beforehand allows for more convenience. It’s easy to schedule trips through the Towr platform. This feature gives users more control over planning trips and makes sure that there are no unforeseen delays and other complications. 

Language Barrier

As long as you’re in the UAE and run into difficulty, you may use the app to request assistance and we’ll send you towing services because it is available in many different languages. In the event of an emergency, you should feel free to easily transition between the languages in which you feel comfortable and those in which you can readily express yourself. The last thing you should be concerned about is being unable to communicate because of a language barrier.

Shared live tracking

By giving their clients complete transparency of the trip, the business entity will be able to increase customer satisfaction and function more effectively by sharing a live tracking link with their clients through the platform (Free of Charge).

Account Manager

The perks of having an account manager at Towr include the following; 

  • Booking trips.
  • Scheduling requests for towing.
  • Working with your drivers to plan.
  • Coordinating and talking to your customers.
  • sss Making sure the trips are finished quickly. What is “sss”?
  • Exporting and delivering thorough transaction reports as necessary.
  • Working with the drivers to schedule every refuel.

Finally, regardless of the reason your car needs to be towed, Towr’s staff of knowledgeable dispatchers will send skilled tow truck operators your way right away. They offer timely car recovery services and the possibility to discuss your account options with your dedicated account manager in case you would like us to make any changes to your existing packages.