July 10, 2022

Towr Introduces Mobile Car Wash and Vehicle Testing Services

Get Outstanding On Demand Car Washing Services From Towr

Aside from car recovery services, Towr is proud to offer the best car cleaning services that leave your vehicles sparkling and comfortable to drive and rest in. On top of that, you don’t even have to go to a car wash to get your car cleaned. With Towr, you can schedule a mobile car wash at your doorstep. 

Choose from our categories of car wash services and select the numbers of cars you’d like to wash and we would be delighted to demonstrate how we can make your car appear like it’s brand new.

We offer access to a variety of service providers in several United Arab Emirates cities, making it simple to get your car washed at home. In addition to window cleaning, inside vacuuming, exterior buffing, and the best vehicle shine and foam wash available, we take care of all of your needs and leave your car spotless.

Your satisfaction with our work is guaranteed by our excellent customer service. Any vehicle in any condition can be trusted by us, and we’ll always offer excellent work at a reasonable cost.

Here’s how to get exceptional car cleaning in Dubai

Step 1: All you need to do is send us Choose a location, and our service partners will show up and clean your car at your doorstep or wherever you are. We have service providers across different cities in the U.A.E., so no matter where you live, we can get a professional car wash to you.

Step 2: Choose your Car wash. Below are some of the categories that are available for you to choose from;

Car wash categories from Towr include;

  • Premium wash
  • Standard wash
  • Polish
  • Sanitization

Step 3: We work our magic and you can drive away in a sparkling, spotless car. At your own timing, through an appointment, or right after roadside assistance and your car is back to safety, we repair and give it a deep wash leaving it spotless and comfortable to get back on the road.

Receive Quality Car Passing Services from Towr

Every year, when you renew your vehicle’s registration in the UAE, you must pass a car test. If your vehicle testing or vehicle inspection date is nearing, you can easily schedule a car passing via Towr.

You can get your car passed by an RTA accredited car testing center without leaving your home.
We have the right tow truck to deliver any car to the testing center and deliver it back to you safely, without a scratch.

No need to go to a car testing center and wait in line for hours, now you can opt for Towr and rest at your home while your car undergoes the test.

Benefits of choosing Towr for all your Car Recovery, Car Cleaning & Testing Needs

The advantages of adopting Towr are numerous. You require a provider of car recovery solutions that can give you fast, high-quality services for a reasonable price. We have taken the time to investigate and offer the best application that addresses all of your automotive demands.

Professional Team and Partners

In order to create an exceptional experience within the automotive sector that enables us to deliver a distinctive client experience, we have invested a lot of time conducting our research and forming collaborations with the best of the best which is what makes us the best company not just for car towing in Dubai but for car testing as well.

Our team is made up of subject-matter specialists that have undergone training to ensure they can consistently provide you with excellent service.

Fast and Effective

We recognize the value of your time. Because of this, we provide prompt and competent services. To provide a high-quality wash in the shortest amount of time possible, our highly trained crew makes use of the most recent tools and techniques.

A Return-Worthy Experience

Whether it’s vehicle recovery services or getting a spotless car wash, nothing is more important to us than delivering our clients an experience they can be proud of, and we are aware of this when it comes to your car. After assisting you in selecting the ideal product for your requirements, our professionals will provide you with an exceptional experience while a car is passing. You’ll definitely want to come back.

Use the Towr App for different automotive solutions including car recovery services, car washes, and competitive leasing programs using the latest technology to help you find the proper service while saving time and money. You don’t have to figure it out on your own. Contact us immediately.