What Might Cause Your Car to Be Towed

What Could Lead To Your Car Being Towed

October 4, 2022

What Could Lead To Your Car Being Towed?

Did you park your car somewhere and couldn’t find it where you left it when you returned? It can be a very frustrating and inconvenient situation to come back to the spot where you were parked only to discover that your vehicle has been towed. Some might not anticipate that this would ever happen to them, but it actually occurs a lot more frequently than some of us might want to admit.

Sometimes this can be because of some of the simplest things: you might have accidentally obstructed traffic or perhaps you failed to notice a nearby fire hydrant and parked too close to it. The fact still remains the same: your car is not where you left it, and now you need to figure out where it is. Here are a few things to consider the next time you go to park your car on public streets.

Parking In A No-Parking Area

 We’re all familiar with the crossed-out “P” in the middle of a red circle, others clearly read “No Parking.” It signifies there are no parking spaces available there and if you do decide to park, you are tow-away from having a breakdown. So the next time you park your car, be sure to check for such indicators to prevent a towing service in UAE from taking it away.

Parking Meter Time-Out

In certain locations, you must pay the parking meter when you leave your vehicle parked. Your vehicle will be hauled away if you don’t. Additionally, the parking meter will issue a receipt with the amount of time you have to park on it. Any time above what is on your receipt may lead to your car getting towed.

Parked At An Entrance

Be mindful of where you park, your car is causing an obstruction if you leave it in such a way that it blocks the entrance or makes it difficult for visitors to access the building. As a result of this, a breakdown towing service will have to take your car away.

Invalid Insurance Or License

Let’s say you are found to be operating a vehicle without a valid license or auto insurance. Then your vehicle is automatically towed away because you are not authorized to drive without a current driver’s license and insurance.

Break Downs

You can call on any recovery truck Dubai offers and have it taken to a shop which is your only option if your vehicle happens to break down and is no longer driveable. Your car has numerous components, and you can never be too sure when one of them may cease functioning. Even if you give your car routine maintenance, it’s possible for it to break down at any time, which can be irritating.

Car Accident

If you are involved in an accident and are unable to drive your car at all, or if the police officer determines that it is unsafe due to substantial damage, you must have a tow truck remove the vehicle.

Parked In A Handicap Zone

For those with disabilities, there are designated parking spaces known as handicapped spots. In such spaces, you can only park if you have a valid handicapped permit and are disabled. The disabled permit must be clearly visible. On the other hand, if you don’t have a disability permit or are not disabled, your vehicle will definitely be towed by a tow truck service UAE deploys.

Construction Site

Parking in a construction zone is prohibited because it could make it difficult for employees to bring in heavy equipment or transfer items. Parking next to a building site is especially risky because an object could fall and damage you, or your car. Your car is therefore towed.

Parking Near A Fire Hydrant

Firefighters use fire hydrants that are situated along the side of the road to provide water in an emergency. Parking is not permitted within a 15-foot radius of a fire hydrant. In addition to having your vehicle towed, firemen are also permitted to smash your car windows and pass their water hose through them in order to access a fire hydrant in the case of an emergency.

Driving While Intoxicated

Had a few drinks? Feel like taking a joy ride? Well, before you do this, bear in mind that if you are caught operating a vehicle while drunk or under the influence of narcotics, not only do you get jail time but your vehicle is also towed and impounded.

All this goes to show, that your vehicle could be taken away by a breakdown recovery service at any time for a number of different reasons– but at the same time, all these things can be avoided if you pay attention to the different signs around where you park your car, keep sober while at the wheel and of course don’t forget moving with the right documentation such as your valid driver’s license and car insurance.

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